Operating instructions for Biotal Systems

The unit is in accepting container clogging, which can cause overflow and malfunction, it is absolutely forbidden to throw hard and insoluble refuse (vegetable peelings, plastic packages, rags, and the like) in the canalization.

It is not recommendable to shut down the unit for more than two hours.

To inspect the state of the unit, once a month it is necessary:

to inspect the accepting container. If it is filled up with hard refuse admitted with the wastewater, the refuse must be thrown away.
to separate the sludge mixture from the aeration zone while the unit is operating in the aeration phase and to leave it to settle for 15 minutes. If the sludge that has settled for this time exceeds the initial volume by more than 25 %, the time to pump out the activated sludge must be corrected on the Mitsubishi control panel in accordance with the instructions.

Once every three months: use a vacuum cleaner to clean the blower filter, located under the lid, which is opened by lifting.

Once every six months: inspect the state of the electrodes of the level gauge. Turning the edges of the electrodes, remove the gauge clamp, take the electrodes out of the water and using a sharp metal object, e.g. a knife, scrape the electrode edges clean of incrustation, and finally put the level gauge back in place.

After 2-3 years of operation the bottom of the primary reactor of the unit must be pumped clean of sand. The amount of sand is not great.

After 3-4 years of operation, the blower membrane must be replaced.

After 8-10 years of operation, the aeration components must be checked and, their membranes must be replaced if necessary.

Operating the BIOTAL units in winter. The BIOTAL unit is designed mainly to treat household wastewater, the temperature of which is sufficient for the process of biological treatment. Moreover, the process of biological treatment is accompanied with release of heat, and the air in the blower heats up when it is pressurized, by means of which the sludge in the unit is additionally warmed up.

Mitsubishi control panel

On/Off Switchboard
Automatic voltage cutoff device
Step-down transformer for 24 V
Manual mode board (only for inspections of the operation of the units)
On/Off Switchboard
Mitsubishi controller to control the operation of the unit