Dear visitors, we invite you to get acquainted with our company and become our partners in returning to the nature pure water, which we have lent and are obligated to return it treated. Indiscreet person requests have a negative impact on the condition of the environment, especially pollution of rivers, lakes and groundwater - sources of drinking water by untreated or poorly treated wastewater. This leads to the fact that to use them as sources of drinking water is very expensive and sometimes impossible, due to the complexity of treatment. The task of our company - to preserve drinking water by quality wastewater purification and providing treated wastewater for irrigation. Absolutely everyone should realize that environment - his house, it was it who gives him everything necessary for life, so it is important to take care of it, and our biological treatment plants BIOTAL will help you in this noble case.
BIOTAL technology - implementation of a number of new, protected by patents, technical solutions, which allowed to fully solve traditional problems of small sewage treatment plants. The only system in the world practice of autonomous sewerage that has: coarse sewage effective detention in the large stainless grid with a fixed cover and double bubbling; 7-programmed automatic power control; automatic removal, stabilization, and dewatering of surplus activated sludge; an alarm system in case of failure of any of the units; the effectiveness of wastewater treatment up to 99%.
Company BIOTAL BULGARIA - has a reputation as a reliable business partner trusted by their clients. The main goal of the company - to offer clients a full range of services for arrangement of sewerage "turnkey:" from design of sewer networks to their commissioning and maintenance.

For 16 years, are manufactured, commissioned and successfully operated more than 6,000 plants in 17 countries around the world.

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