Quality policy

Statement of the Management
The management of Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. states that it strives to achieve optimal conditions for effective and efficient management of the Quality Management System, developed in conformity to the requirements of the standard BDS EN ISO 9001: 2015.
The main objective for its development and implementation is the Company Management desire for continuous improvement of its ability to realize quality construction and assembly works of installations for drinking and domestic waste water treatment, production and installation of tanks, production of plastic products.
The quality management system and the rules and responsibilities resulting from it are applied by all responsible officers of the Company.
In my capacity of Managing Director of Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. I am responsible for achieving working atmosphere that contributes to the constant improvement and preservation of the accumulated experience of the Company.

​Quality policy
   The quality policy of Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. is focused on satisfying clients’ requirements and expectations by competent and quality implementation of the commitments undertaken by all responsible officers.
   Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. strives to comply with the effective normative and standardization requirements, specific to the scope of activities carried out by the Company.
Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. strives to offer competitive products and services of high quality, guaranteeing the company existence and prosperity.
The quality policy of Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. is aimed at building lasting partnership with the clients and strengthening the market positions, by continuously improving the products offered, introducing modern materials, equipment and technologies in the construction, providing high-qualified technical guidance, adherence to technological discipline and safety rules of labor and all normative requirements.
For implementation of the declared Quality Policy the management of Biotal Bulgaria Ltd. defines the following strategic quality objectives:
Meeting clients’ requirements and expectations, fulfilling commitments to them in terms of the quality of the products and services offered;
Managing the processes in a way ensuring the ultimate quality of the product / service;
Synchronizing the interrelated processes in time and place;
Stimulating teamwork and constantly raising the qualifications of our employees;
Providing processes with the necessary resources (material, human, financial, information) to ensure their qualitative and rhythmic performance;
Establishing, maintaining and developing of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers and subcontractors;
Work with advanced technologies and methods for achieving the company's competitiveness.